Frank Henderson's Page on Liturgy and Medieval Women

Language and Music

The following outline suggests a plan for studying the visibility and participation of women in the medieval liturgy. The documents I actually prepare may or may not correspond exactly to this outline, however.

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  Literacy (Latin, vernacular; reading, writing)
  Latin and Vernaculars in the Liturgy
  Audible / Silent Texts
  Inclusive, Generic, Exclusive Language for Persons
    In Latin, vernaculars
    Orate, fratres et sorores
    Doubling of gendered nouns
    Doubling of gendered pronouns
  Translation and Translation Theory
  Language for God
  Liturgical Books
    Women as scribes and illuminators
    Women as authors, editors of liturgical texts
    Liturgical books written in and for monasteries of women
    Women as owners and users of liturgical books
    Influence of women on language and content


  Liturgy as a Musical Experience
  Women as Composers of Liturgical Music
  Women as Instrumentalists for the Liturgy
  Women as Cantors, etc.


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