Frank Henderson's Page on Liturgy and Medieval Women


Updated: 1 April 2001

Present Interests

For several years I served on the Consultation on Common Texts (CCT), representing both the International Commission on English in the Liturgy and the National Liturgical Office of the Canadian Roman Catholic bishops. One of the CCT projects in which I took a particular interest was the preparation of an ecumenical liturgy of marriage.

As part of this project, I studied not only the marriage liturgies of several churches, but also those of various parts of the Roman Catholic world. This information, plus study of the published literature on this liturgy, helped me envision possible improvements.

More recently I was a member of a small committee asked by the episcopal commission for liturgy to draft a new liturgy of marriage for English-speaking Roman Catholics in Canada. In early 1997 we submitted a 400-page draft. I also had the opportunity to publish an extensive description and summary of this "proposed order of Christian marriage." I await the eventual publication of this work.

Previous Publications

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