Frank Henderson's Page on Liturgy and Medieval Women

Justice and Liturgy

Updated: 1 April 2001

Present Interests

Justice and liturgy has been a long-standing interest and concern of mine. I include here issues of inclusion of persons, jubilee, culture, creation and reconciliation.

Much still needs to be done to make the liturgies of the church more inclusive for women, children, persons with disabilities, and elderly persons. This will continue to be a concern for me.

Jubilee, Justice and Liturgy

More immediately, the celebration of the year 2000 as a year of Jubilee offered challenges and opportunities with respect to the living out the biblical concept of Jubilee both in liturgical celebrations and in the church that celebrates. A recent article on this subject is posted here PDF icon.

Reprint of Out-of-Print Book

The following book is reprinted in a 1999 World Wide Web edition, as indicated above. It may be downloaded and copied without fee for non-commercial educational use.

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