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Updated: 1 January 1999

Present Interests

For a number of years I was a member of the International Commission on the Liturgy's Advisory Committee and Subcommittee on Translation and Revision and was therefore involved in the preparation of texts for the next edition of the Roman Catholic Sacramentary or Missal. I helped especially in the preparation of new translations of the collects, which, I feel, are great improvements compared with the collects of the present edition. I look forward to the publication of the second edition of the Sacramentary.

(The opening prayers of the new Sacramentary were published by the Canadian bishops in their publication, Sunday Celebrations of the Word and Hours (Ottawa: CCCB Publications, 1995). This provides access to these texts in advance of the publication of the entire Sacramentary.)

I would very much like to undertake a comparative study of collects in the English language. This would include the collects of a number of church traditions, and collects published in English since the first Prayer Book of 1549. Though I have gathered much material for this project, I of course want to include the new texts of the second edition of the Sacramentary; thus I await the publication of this liturgical book.

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